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Hi-Basic Sassy Anal Beads - Blue
Produttore: CHISA Novelties
4.90 EUR 2.90 EUR
Hi-Basic Sassy Anal Beads - Blue
The Anal Chain Hi-Basic Sassy Anal Beads in Transparent Blue offers sphincter training for beginners, advanced and experts. It ranks 10 ascending large anal beads of 1 to 2.4 cm diameter on a 31 cm long, flexible chain.

Since the anal balls have very slowly increasing diameters, one can very slowly approach larger diameters. Hint: The chain does not need to be inserted completely at the first time. In addition to being able to actively relax the sphincter, the Anal Chain Hi-Basic Sassy Anal Beads is also optimal to learn the exact time for pressure on the P-point just before orgasm.

Product details:
✓ Anal chain with 10 ascending large anal balls
✓ Perfect training for Beginners, Advanced & Experts
✓ Soft & flexible
✓ Clear Blue
✓ Large pull ring allows full control at all times

Total length: approx. 31 cm
Diameter: approx. 1 - 2,4 cm
Material: PVC
Color: Clear Blue

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