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Fetish Fantasy - 11 inch Hollow Strap-On - Black
Produttore: Pipedream
29.90 EUR
Fetish Fantasy - 11 inch Hollow Strap-On - Black
This 29 cm long PVC dildo always hits the bull's eye! It is perfect for men who want to give their next encounter more depth, but also helps men with ED or premature ejaculation problems to have beautifully long, fulfilling face-to-face sex, which both can enjoy as often and as long as desired!

Product details:
➤ Enjoy uninterrupted Face-to-Face Sex until both of you climax
➤ Handcrafted realistic textures offer lifelike sensations
➤ Super-stretchy harness comfortably fits all sizes up to 52"
➤ Heavy-Duty metal hardware keeps dildo securely in place
➤ Compatible with water and silicone based lubricants
➤ Made of unscented PVC, latex- and phthalate-free

Length: approx. 11,4" / 29 cm
Diameter: approx. 2" / 5,1 cm
Inner Length: approx. 4,3" / 11 cm
Inner Diameter: approx. 1,7" / 4,3 cm
Material: PVC (Dildo), ABS Plastic (Hollow Core), Elastics (Harness), Metal (Snaps)
Accessories: Black Mask included

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